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School Administrators:


We share a common goal, to educate and empower our future leaders through education and hands-on learning. 

Imagine an innovative option of adding revenue to your school while supporting education, healthy foods, and sustainable resources without adding stress or strain to your already overwhelmed system?

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How will this benefit your school or district?

Our tower farm systems are fully equipped to sustain, provide, and yield a great return on your commitment to your students and the program.

The system by nature creates a unique learning environment with very little effort from your teachers, food-service staff, and administrators.

The provided curriculum is accompanied by lessons and exercises approved by Seton Hall University with a focus on elementary through secondary educational standards.

This is more than a project or assignment, this is a revenue generating, time saving, minimal effort, and community focused extension to your school and district.

To get the project rolling we have an experienced team of successful grant writers, who know how to deliver.

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This program will help your educators with extra time to do things they normally cannot.

The program is designed to sustain and fund a full-time staff position as the greenhouse manager.

Each harvest will directly contribute to your students' food source and what is leftover, will be sold or donated to the community. 

Growing Our Partnerships

All great sustainable projects have different stakeholders and partners that work together to achieve a common goal. Our goal is to establish a deep-committed relationship with our schools, suppliers, and their communities to ensure that their tower farms are generating revenue, sustaining fruitful harvests, and solving a need within the community. 

Grow Hope Farms continues to be an excellent resource for our farms. They are truly experts within the field of horticulture and establishing sustainable revenue for their farms. 

Listed below is a list of organizations committed to ensure your school district is successful and maintains all expectations.

This is not just another project for a teacher. 

We know that our educators’ time is already stretched to the max. Therefore our program is designed to fund a full-time greenhouse manager. This program also is accompanied by a set of board certified curriculum that educators can use to share with their classes.


What others say:

I really love learning with my hands.  Being able to see something as small as a seed grow into hope and possibilities, which also can become a profit means that I am creating real-lasting change in someone's life."

Makenna, sophomore, UNL

Growing food for our ever-increasing population is a critical part of sustaining our world.  We are disrupting traditional farming techniques with this 21st century technology using 95% less water and space.  We are creating jobs and teaching our children to be producers in a consumer driven society."

Audria, Tower Farm owner

There are still so many questions to ask and we believe we have the solution and answer them. You can click this link below to download our full presentation and receive our condensed project overview. You can also schedule a time that works best for you to meet with us and to learn more about the project and how your school or district can benefit from this program.

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